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Well what to say. I'm not used to write critiques as I am not a real artist and I don't really know how to critique other people art. But as this is a Hamtaro pic, and from a character I absolutely love, I feel in the need to do it.

Well, I have to say that the overall of the picture is gorgeous. Maybe it lacks some content, as there is too much background for the small Ayayamu, or that's what I feel. Kinda like if there she is but... the pic is too big for her.

Talking about the background first, it is pretty cool. Well, if I remember well the 'book world' where Ayayamu lives, it should've some multi-colored or purple so it would have been good to add those in the bottom part, as well as a look at the 'book tower', but I can tell that would've complicated the picture a lot, but made the background fell more full and less plain.

About Ayayamu herself. Pretty impressive detail in the outfit, face and stuff. I really like how she turned out and that pretty cute smile of hers just melt me down.

Hm I hope you like this :P
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